North America prepares for citywide Bible distribution

A wave of Scripture is beginning to flow across North America as believers in more than 100 cities have expressed interest in the possibility of distributing Scripture in their communities.

“I believe CityReachers™ is part of a massive movement of the Spirit across North America, as God works to transform cities through his Word,” comments Paul Tolleson, Director of Special Ministries at the International Bible Society (IBS).

Photos of a reader’s city on the cover, local history, and testimonies by local Christians introduce the NIV New Testament or Gospel. Each printed copy or dramatised Scripture DVD invites people to discover the Bible and apply it to their lives.

As IBS’ CityReachers™ ministry gains momentum across North America, entire cities and geographical regions are expected to receive Scripture as distributions are often synchronised around religious holidays and locally relevant anniversaries.

In the two years since its inception, the CityReachers™ ministry has delivered to Colorado Springs, Colorado; the Colorado River Valley covering four communities in three states—Arizona, Nevada, and California; Jackson, Mississippi; Houston, Texas; and Brampton, Ontario.

The frequency of distributions will more than double in IBS’ CityReachers™ third year of ministry, as nine cities including Kansas City, Miami and Fort Worth, plan to share Scripture by Easter 2008.

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