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Eating and drinking with others ... that's not hard

25 February 2013

One of the great benefits of Lent is that it makes you take a step back and look at the way you do things. You become aware not only of things you do which aren't good for you or others, but also of things you don't do, which mean you're missing out.

A recent suggested action on 40acts was having 'fellowship' with others. We can Christianise it and paint a spiritual veneer on it, but fundamentally it's spending meaningful time with others in a way that we all come away feeling more human.

Christians are often – rightly – accused of having superficial fellowship on Sundays. We meet briefly for worship and end up bouncing off each other like snooker balls: brief snatched conversation, a quick cup of tea and we're out of there. And maybe it's not too dissimilar for friends outside church.

Truth is, you have to work at friendship and fellowship. It doesn't just happen. So when our men's group gets together this week to share food and an ale or two at a local beer festival, we'll get deep into conversation. There'll be a few stories, some jokes and maybe a light-hearted argument. But hopefully we'll emerge knowing one another better, encouraged by one another and maybe – with other friends coming who aren't part of the usual crowd – with a new friend or two.

The video above makes interesting viewing. I love the idea of taking adults and putting them in a children's ball pool. Would you get the same level of relaxed chatting in the UK as these participants seem to reach in the US? Not sure ... but it would worth a try. Let me know what you think!


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