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Random acts of kindness: to plan or not to plan?

13 February 2013

You'd think taking on random acts of kindness as a new discipline during Lent would prove relatively straightforward, wouldn't you?

After all, if acts of kindness are simply helping other people out, or surprising them with a generous act, then there's no shortage of acts to do, or people to help.

But it's the random part I'm having trouble with.

Life being what it is, if you simply rely on opportunity to present itself, you may find the day has passed you by and you've done nothing. We live such self-enclosed lives these days, with their regular patterns and unconscious rituals, that deliberately or not, we've manouevered out the random.

So I'm trying to plan. Which seems to be a contradiction in terms.

I'm doing everything I can to remain generous-hearted and courteous on the roads, so I'm letting all and sundry through, surrendering parking spaces to others and trying to alert people whose headlights aren't working properly. The former may not notice, and the latter may misinterpret my pointing and gesticulating.

I'm wondering whether lurking near parking meters and offering to buy someone's ticket will elicit grateful thanks or people giving me odd looks and labelling me a weirdo.

Hopefully I'll also learn something of the grace and love of God in the process. And pass a bit of it on. Without getting arrested.

It's going to be interesting, so check back periodically to see how I'm getting on. And let me know if you're doing something similar. You could also do worse than sign up for 40acts - Stewardship's Lent journey of generosity.

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