Cenacle Merseyside rock band - March 2012

The four members of Cenacle, a Christian rock band from Merseyside, explain why they are passionate about seeing lives changed

“We believe we have so much more to offer than just music,” says Si Consiglio who, with his brother Joe and friends Ben Ryan and Dan Parr – all from St Helens Christian Life Centre – make up Cenacle.

“We meet so many young people with broken lives and we believe we've been called by God to make a difference and offer them the hope they've been searching for.”

Since they began in 2006, Cenacle have performed in both secular venues and church youth events up and down the country. They have also built many relationships with young people in their area – and some have become Christians.

Says Dan: “It's an amazing privilege to see young people get a relationship with God and know that God used us to plant seeds in their lives.”

“When heavy meets beauty” is how Joe describes their music, and their lyrics speak of the up and downs of life and how, no matter what happens, God is always there.

Recently they believed God was calling them to be generous and so they began to let people pay whatever they wanted for the band’s merchandise.

 “What’s amazing is that God is so faithful that we often find we have more in the pot at the end of the night than we expected,” says Joe.

“We don't have a set fee for bookings either. All we ask for is travel expenses and if possible a donation so that we can continue the work we do.”

All four members of Cenacle have day jobs. Si and Ben work in a school, Joe works in a surgery as an administration clerk and Dan works for a housing association.

"Our assignment is to introduce people to Jesus, “ says Dan. “We want to see people’s lives saved, healed and restored. This is what we're passionate about."

For more information visit www.cenaclemusic.com

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