It's ale and hearty for Fisherman's Mission

Rock-based Sharp's Brewery in Cornwall raised a glass or two of its Honey Gold Ale on Port Isaac beach recently, to celebrate its shipshape fundraising for Fishermen's Mission.

The Cornish brewery is donating 10p for every pint sold. With almost 40,000 pints of the limited edition ale sold in the South West and South East since June, the charity received more than £3000 in a typically beautiful Cornish setting to celebrate the news.
James Nicholls, Sharp’s Brewery’s Brand Manager explains: “Earlier this year we saw terrible weather conditions affecting businesses in Cornwall and the South West, many of whom were our customers. Many fishermen were unable to work for months, so we decided to launch Sharp’s Honey Gold Ale to continue supporting communities in our home county and region.”

Gina Moore, Fishermen’s Mission SW Fundraising Manager added: “We are hugely grateful to Sharp’s Brewery for their fantastic support and understanding of the work we do for fishing communities here in Cornwall. We are delighted to receive over £3,300 from Honey Gold Ale sales and also for their support at the St Ives Real Ale Festival.”

“Sharps Brewery is not only supporting our vital work of caring for fishermen, but they are also supporting a traditional south-west way of life. With the support we receive from the public and businesses like Sharp’s Brewery, we supported 234 fishermen and gave more than £119,000 in welfare support payments to them and their families last year. 

"We are also hugely proud to have distributed 250 lifejackets under the Fishing Safety Group Campaign. This floatation device saved the life of a local fisherman just weeks after he received it.”
James Nicholls, Sharp’s Brewery’s Brand Manager said: "Fishermen’s Mission is an inspirational charity embedded into the community and we are delighted to hear how money raised by Sharp’s is being used."

PHOTO: Gina Moore, Fundraising Manager, Fishermen’s Mission celebrating the Sharp’s Brewery fundraising achievement with Richard Smith, Sales Director on Port Isaac Beach

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